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Bad Hair Epoch?

Let me just throw this all out there and try to paint a picture of why I would do such a juvenile thing. I'm 26 years old, a full time student, and stay-at-home Dad who worked in a jail for 3 years where it was "Standard Operating Procedure" to keep short and bland hair. So why, two years removed from the jail, would I do this to my hair?

Let me show you what I am talking about:


(Despite the angle of the picture, I am not struggling with teen angst or in need of an emo picture for my myspace)

I think many times people alter their appearance for attention, but that's not my style. I don't need attention or recognition as long as I am happy with myself, so THAT can't be it.  I've never wanted to be "quirky". Maybe some people think quirkiness equals creativity and they are trying to show the rest of the population how intriguing or intelligent they are, while in actuality they are just as boring and as creative as the rest of us.

In the end, I honestly believe the urge to change my hair stems from boredom, dollar store hair color, and a wife who gave me permission.

***Dear FTC,
          The before and after images depict typical results.