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W+K Platform Application Part Deux

The second part of the application asked the question, "Who are you?" So I did a very cheesy video where I look douchingly at the camera for extended periods of time. Here is that video:

Only three days after the deadline, I received this email from W+K.

Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for applying to Platform.  We had over 180 applicants and the standard of entries was truly impressive and the competition very tough.

We have spent the last week going through everyone’s submissions and after some tough decisions / heated debate we have finally selected the candidates for our open day.

Unfortunately, this time around you have not been selected.  If you would like feedback about your entry then please email

We really hope you enjoyed participating in the Platform briefs and wish you every success with whatever you do next.

Best regards,

Sam, Lucy and Donna
The Platform Team

 Of course I wanted feedback! Who wouldn't?! So, they sent me this feedback:

Dear Matt,
First of all thank you for your Platform submission we enjoyed looking at it. All in all we received over 180 submissions in total from around the world. We were very impressed by the standard of work, which was extremely high. From the 180 people who submitted projects we have selected 40 people to come to the Platform open day in London. We are sorry you weren’t selected. We thought the least we could do is offer you our point of view on your work, as we know you put a lot of effort into it. Hopefully you will find our feedback useful, so let’s get down to it. So your problem was the big one, the forgetting the towel when you are in the shower. We loved your film it made us all laugh a lot! It was clearly a totally over the top solution but we loved the way it was dramatised by you. I guess the sticking point for the judges was, is this guy funny and talented or just funny? We needed to see some clear evidence that you had the talent to back up the humour, evidence of grounded creativity I suppose. We had other entries that were high on humour too but also delivered the creative goods and so the decision was to go with the candidate that had both the solid idea, humour and great execution.

Thank you for really making us laugh, there weren’t many entries this funny! I hope that was of some help. Thank you for applying to Platform and best of luck in whatever you do next.

Kind regards,
Creative Director

So there it is. They didn't know if I was funny or funny and creative. Somehow, through two 1-minute videos, they figured me out. Amazingly, they pinpointed the crux of my life and punched me in the face with my insecurity. Thanks for the feedback.